Farm Visits

Mint Creek Farm Dinner

"Knowing your farmer" is easier these days - I've known Harry and his daughter Raya Carr for years now thanks to Chicago's vibrant farmers market scene. But I didn't really "know the farm" until this past weekend when we trooped down in the intense heat to a Mint Creek Farm dinner.

Greg Biggers of Café des Architectes cooked an amazing meal for us at the Green House Bed and Breakfast just down the road, then we drove the grounds of Mint Creek's prairie at dusk to visit sheep, cattle, turkeys and chickens...and trusty guard dogs.

The prairie Harry stewards is beautiful: native grasses that livestock trample, graze and fertilize - all feeding and sustaining healthy soil. And sustaining us. Now I know the farm.

Thanks Harry.

Brunch at Prairie Fruits Farm

Chefs Josh Kulp and Christine Cikowski of Sunday Dinner Club have a pretty special relationship with their farmer friends Leslie Cooperband and Wes Jarrell at Prairie Fruits Farm.

We joined them for brunch, doted on goats and caught a pretty dramatic Illinois prairie storm today.